Acne Treatment Needs A Fresh Approach

Acne is not something anyone can take lightly. Especially for those who suffer from it. In the USA alone, it has been estimated that 40-50 million people suffer from acne vulgarise. That’s coming up for 30% of the entire population. Acne treatments fall into two main categories. Those that treat the problem of acne at its root, and the ones that merely treat the symptoms.

Examples of so-called “acne cures” that only treat the symptoms are the pills, ointments and creams you see advertised on television. Doctors seem so fond of recommending them. Medical people also love antibiotics, which I don’t like at all.

Only natural acne treatments get to the root cause of severe acne and make the spots actually go away. As with every ailment, it is always better to work with the body to find a cure for acne, rather than fighting it. You stand the risk of making your symptoms worse and harder to treat.

Here are some typical questions I have been asked recently about severe acne and my answers to them.

Is There A Way To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast?

Spotty boy in need of urgent acne treatment

There is no magic cure that will get rid of pimples and severe acne fast. As I stress, this a long-term battle that might take between 3-6 months to achieve. For short-term relief, various remedies have been suggested including tea tree oil and even toothpaste. My suggestion is bicarbonate of soda. Try dabbing your face with water into which bicarbonate of soda has been dissolved. Keep it up two or three times a day for a week and see if there’s an improvement. Often there will be.

Just be careful what treatments you try, even when your doctor recommends them. Only 30 years ago, many doctors in the USA were prescribing Accutane, which was later found to cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Between 1982 and 2003, more than two thousand women conceived while taking Accutane. Over 75% of these pregnancies ended in abortion or miscarriage, and 177 babies with birth defects were born.

Are Lasers Suitable For Acne Treatment?

Although laser surgery has been in vogue for quite a number of years as a method of reducing acne scars, it is now being championed as a method of treating severe acne. It works by burning away the follicle sac out of which the hair grows and by destroying the sebaceous gland, which produces oil that many regard as the cause of the acne. I do not recommend it for this simple reason: because intended pulsed light (really what is referred to as “laser surgery”) cause heat damage to the skin, many doctors believe that the dryness it produces in the skin itself can potentially have many harmful effects. It is not a natural acne treatment and so, in my view, should be avoided.

What’s The Safest & Best Acne Treatment?

In September 2011 the BBC News Health website reported the truth about available acne treatments. It reports Professor Hywel Williams, a specialist dermatologist at Nottingham University, who finds it amazing that there are over 50 different acne products now available and little or no overall research showing if they work. He said: “As a patient you see all these products on the shelves of the chemist, but which one is the best? There is very little comparative information.”

Professor Williams also says: “There are lots of unanswered questions… like when should you start treating acne? And what should you start the treatment with?” When indeed. The problem is that the dermatologists simply don’t know. The pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the situation to foist all kinds of useless acne treatments  on to a desperate market. After all, every time the drug companies succeed in curing someone’s severe acne they lose a customer for life.

My  next article will discuss my approach to severe acne treatment and will reveal what I think is a wonderful natural cure for acne.

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